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Journey of a Male Model

Author: Jason Aaron Baca
Genre: Nonfiction
Reviewed by Kevin R. Tipple

The author examines and explains how the beauty of the human body can be captured through different types of cameras by photographers of different proficiency levels. Detailed information includes sections on composition, posing, photographers, and focusing the mind for each shoot. This book is for the model who is in the beginning, intermediate and advanced stages (or levels) striving to make a career out of modeling. (Introduction, Page 1)

In this recent release from Xlibris, male model Jason Aaron Baca recounts his first days as a model all the way to his current status when the book was published. Through pictures and small sections of accompanying text, he touches on his experiences with various photographers and various locations. Some of the anecdotes are amusing while others reflect his early painful naiveté about the business.

Through the ages we learn his reactions and experiences as well as the personal preferences of some photographers in terms of posing their subjects. Some wanted to take different than the norm type of shots where, for example, one wanted to photograph him falling off a couch while holding a wine cooler. Others wanted a more traditional shot. Then there are the explanations of where the author tells of having a hard time because he was sleepy, hungry, or whatever. In so doing, he recounts his journey to his ultimate goal of appearing in Playgirl Magazine.

While interesting, the work never comes re motely close to reaching any of the goals noted in the introduction. We never learn the promised detailed information cited in the introduction.  Instead, this work comes across as more of a pictorial scrapbook look at the past bundled with a promotional marketing tool for the present. While that is perfectly acceptable, the book does very little to help other models and instead serves more as a recorded history of one male model's experiences. Inherently, that does have value on some level but falls very short of the expectations set by the introduction.


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Kevin ,
Do you have a review on the second book he wrote Overexposed? Where can I find a link? Thank you Lynda

Posted by: Lynda | Sep 16, 2009 6:54:27 PM

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